A wet diaper

A wet diaper It waves feet.

Strains a body.


Captured by despair, desire, a lifeless immovability, wet and uncomfortable, the child cries in the poor loneliness, is not forgotten yet in a lonely dream.

Suddenly that for a miracle, it lifted! Desires and expectations of a small bein seemingly, started to find the satisfaction.

A wet diaper cleaned.

What simplification! Live, warm hands touched his skin.

Lifted feet and wrapped up them a new dry, lifeless fabric.

That's all.

Passed only an instant, and it seems to it that was not at all and these warm hands, and a wet diaper.

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And still

And still Feelings it from subconsciousness, there dominate the imagination and game.

All these, so to speak, stupid occupations which we will offer you below, will help out also you, and the child.

And still they will help you not to disappear, not to pretend to be to be truthful before each other, without concealing the negative, and frankly callin to release it, not to carry the negative with itself further.

And still they will help you to learn to forgive itself for mistakes, the child for stupidity both harm, and noise a nost, and unwillingness you to understand.

And the best that can turn out from this it squabbled, reconciled and engaged in common cause.

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We see that

We see thatTeenagers want changesBut after all there were shelters as we are transferred by wise men not prisons, and the cities shelters in which the big was made work on correction of people.

But it, really, were about blemny groups of people in which they worked, and then leave whether from them.

We see that isolation from society is not ispravleniye as correction is possible only by means of Wednesday.


And how to teach the teenager to liberate the anger any in any other manner Instructors do it in group framework, but, maybe, the psychologist is necessary to itm I would recommend more physical actions.

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It is important, that

It is important, that Without supervision forby itself I can easily appear in the power protivorechivy feelings, expectations and fears.

Age of participants since years.

Duration about minutes.

InstructionCarry out the following task.

Give to a class a task in your subject, which kazhthe dy should execute in writing.

It is important, that you without having embraced about the purpose of this task, differently internal reaction on provethe deniye of exercise will be reflected in its results.

Interruptwork of pupils in minutes.

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What the kid here

What the kid here This subject once and someone was considered, analyzed in parts.

They too were displayed by the further analysis.

Then parts incorporated to other parts owing to reflections, comparisons and associations.

At last the subject was expressed in some verbal integrity.

Here we also have concept apple, musical notation of a musical melody.

What the kid here loses Sensitive reliability and figurativeness.

That he can see and hear.

And what gets Knowledge of invisible properties of the same subject.

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