Let's tell, to teach

Let's tell, to teach On the contrary, we need to use correctly only their tendencies.

Let's tell, to teach younger children analizi Interaction of the tutorwith teenagers, for what they can respect the senior children.

And seniors should reflect on what scale of values they bear everythin whether it is worthy, and so on.


Ulyanov There is such technique, when those who is leaders in group, appoint leaders, only for earlier define for them the direction.

Let's tell, the instructor will hold a meeting with such children, and then there will be the general meeting with all.

Thus those three four already received that attention which, in principle, also is necessary for them, and now they chuv that conduct all forward.

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However parents

However parents Independently to brush the hair, teeth, lace up boots everythin everything.

As soon as you will notice that the child is ready to a certain independence and independence, give it opportunity to carry out all these simple procedures independently.

To tide up the room.

However parents always should remember that their standards, as a rule, times more standards of the child.

For example, if you ask the eightyear child to be tidied up in a room, meaning that you call order, it can be equated to as though the adult person you asked to build the house.

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And if, despite

And if, despite And in a counterbalance to it is under sprouts which disturb, laugh.

m Because everyone wants to prove to be.



Every second throw out any focuses.

And if, despite of everythin after all it is possible to me that that with them to discuss, I am simply grateful to them that they in general came.

And I tell it absolutely seriously.

Poeto I besides ask how to arrive – to tell them Let's carry out discussion how it is necessary.

Or I follow their tastes, and if it will be possible to discuss onetwo in millet, it is already good.

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Game description. The adult

Game description. The adult Swallows fly highly over the earth, them it is impossible to catch and offend.

Swallow , To us on a visit flies.

The adult puts on the head to itself and the child a rim with from fermentation of swallows, and on a floor chalk draws or raskladyva big flower.

On a signal to a hand bell call la stochka start to fly on a room, to frolic.

After a trace yushchy signal of a hand bell of swallow sit down on it is drawn ny flowers squat on hunkers.

Occupation CAT AND MICE Purpose to develop attention, dexterity, speed of reaction.

Game description.

The adult represents a cat, the child a mouse.

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It is necessary

It is necessary To put it briefly, timid students in college fade into the background further away.

It is necessary to pay attention to two main problems in connection with which they need the help of the psychiatrist during study in college.

The first is connected with the intellectual life, the second with public.

Failure in achievement of the internal ideal generates disappointment and decrease in selfimage among the majority of candidates for receiving the professional help.

For a long time parents, relatives and teachers call such students students of a class A.

Their selfimage is wrapped in expensive packing of a class of A.

Na samom dele some students follow desires of too jealous parents and put before itself an unattainable level of perfection.

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