On the fifth

On the fifth Thanks to ability to go and speak the child has a possibility in thousand cases to diversify the communications with the next space, subjects and the phenomena surrounding it in usual .

In the acquired space the child constantly moves between subjects, moves them, takes, throws, considers, breaks etc.

Thus learns infinite properties of subjects.

On the fifth , at age of grace, in movements of the kid there are highquality changes.

Till this time of its movement were clumsy, awkward, inept though the kid very much tried to reach the planned purpose.

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The hypnotist

The hypnotist One of the classic items executed by hypnotists on a scene, is that to the person the words told by whisper in other end of a hall order to hear.

The hypnotist replaces a usual range of hearing of the individual on, expanded.

There is an illusion that it strengthens auditory acuity while actually it temporarily stops elimination of sounds in not used part of an acoustical range.

That it is accepted to call supernatural or magic abilities, is frequent only the abilities excluded by nervous system on request of a continuum from a set of possibilities used by us.

They can be developed the practice directed on shutdown of normal process of elimination.

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The adult

The adult Occupation The BEAR FELL ILL For this occupation any is required animated yokes rushka doll, bear, hare, etc.

, and also toy gradusnik, bandage, vial.

The adult brings a bear or other toy to reben, greets it on behalf of a bear, shows, how a bear stamps legs, growls, suggesting the child to repeat these zvu and movements.

Then the adult says that the bear complains at it the tummy and a head hurts.

The bear poor fell ill, To many honey yesterday ate, To bear it is sick and awkward, Everything hurts stomach, head.

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For this reason

For this reason Feeling that you are behind a board, becomes aggravated even more in this world full of possibilities, especially when students have dinner together or meet out of training events.

Unlike school where children are on friendly terms at the same time with neighbors and schoolmates, in student's years everything happens on the contrary or all your friends study together with you, or you in general have no friends at institute.

For this reason friendship which arises in college, usually strong and long.

But timid students especially take very much to heart success or failure in attempt to make friends with someone at institute.

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Meditation It, causing itself physical pain and inconveniences, tries to distract mind from permanent job, to reject prejudices and to return to the present.

Usually this process of nedumaniye call meditation.

Meditation is the main method of many spiritual schools which try to raise tranquillity level.

Often in meditations use mantra repetition a certain word or the offer which forces out associative thinking a reason product.

When the stream of thoughts is slowed down at all stops, the physical condition of the person changes and in some way reminds a condition of the baby.

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