I prepared

I prepared Our friendssometimes appreciate the same, as we, and sometimes are not present, so wewe can supplement and enrich each other.

I prepared a number of cards.

On them the various are writtenqualities and properties which we appreciate in ourselves and in others.

I will put them on a floor.

Look at cards and try think silentlyover what quality personally for you is most important in horoshy friend.

Leave cards on a floor.

About minutesNow sit down on the places and listen that will be necessaryto do is farther.

Now we will start to distribute these cardsbetween participants.

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While did not bring

While did not bringIn this regard it is possible to tell to children here what fairy tale.

frogs walked together on the village and elk so that both fell in two different krynka with lump.

The first, having despaired, refused fight and I die, choked and was lost; and the second fought against desperate force, floundered from all forces.

while did not bring down the pads from oil also did not escape.

It is possible to take two opposite positions in relation to a rose the pessimist is afflicted that at roses are thorns, and the optimist rejoices that over it is possible to touch a rose.

Before the started bottle it is possible to exclaim Here bad luck, it half the empty!, or What happiness, it half the full!.

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If is not present

If is not present Solve, you or not that your child at school beat want.

If is not present directly declare to the teacher and the principal the decision, it is better in writing.

Or, at least, at once stipulate conditions of possible punishment for example, not publicly, only after several remarks and only after an explanation of the reason of punishment.

There is a set of alternatives to physical punishment.

Among them lisheniyeprivilegiya, conversation alone, cool discussions of admissible standards of behavior on occupations, shared responsibility for discipline.

However any problems of disciplinary character evaporate at the attentive relation of the teacher or parents.

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Try to find

Try to find Do not speak to anybody, which lot extended.

You solve, how will do priyataching dropped out to you on a lot to the schoolmate priglawhether its sieve to itself on a visit, offer the help, otpraVit the written message or put in a school desk whichnibud fruit etc.

The gift should not be to rogy.

Try to find out, how your ward reactson manifestation of your friendliness.

Also think aboutvolume, than your ward it is possible most of all on to please.

In three weeks we again will gather, thatto sum up the first round.

Then everyone learns, whoworried about its wellbein and we can againto cast lots, to start the second round.

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These early

These early At it the feeling of necessity of the life, feeling should develop that for it there is the place in the general order of things on for the rest of the life.

These early acquisitions define ability of the boy to love and be darlin to build the relations with other people, to submit to requirements on work and service.

The need for parents during this period is huge, and if we concentrate the attention to that, this piece of life is how difficult, it can seem to the intolerable.

Mothers and fathers surely should find time in the daily routine to take the child on hands.

It can mean that one parent surely stays at home, when another leaves for work that one or both parents take the child with themselves for work that parents work at home, in shifts, incomplete day and so on.

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