Proinform From our indignation anddisappointments it is useful to formulate the inquiries and trebovaniye to show them and to defend.

I prepared for you the Working leaf, which you nowshould fill.

You on it have minutes.

Now be divided into groups of four people.

Proinform each other about your records.

Concentrate preimushchestvenno at the last stage of a task, namely on that,as you will represent the requirements and to defend them.

Discuss advantages and shortcomings of various ways vedeniye of negotiations, in view of a position protivothe polozhny party in negotiations.

What interests of this hundred Rhone In what its vulnerability consists What it has a fieldfor maneuver during negotiations Think also thatyou can offer it in exchange if it meetsto your requirements.

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Physical activity

Physical activity Others this insatiable energy pushes in itself, boys plunge into a depression, are discharged of life storming round them.

Physical activity is necessary for all boys of this age.

And parents are simply obliged, though it and is hard, to help the son to find such type of activity which would suit it in the best way, instead of to exhaust on sports trainings which, probably, are opposite to its nature.

The quiet boy, inclined to retire into himselfherself under the influence of the superfluous energy, can throw into a shiver from one thought on command sports, such as rugby or basketball, but swimming or fight can just appear what thirsted by its nature.

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For unripe

For unripe In soul of each boy ability to development of natural inclinations and to their ripening in the fruits benefiting people is put.

As psychotherapist Edith Shutts writes You want to help to grow to people to big boots so do not deny them in a today's appearance, and use it as the base.

For unripe actions and words, without rejecting them, it is necessary to hear a positive spirit, to see good intentions.

Bettie, the director of the narcological center about whom we spoke above, behind menacing manner of behavior and angry words of the brother of the patient made out the positive purpose of his visit.

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It is thus

It is thus If to youit is not possible to come to a consensus, other membersgroups too can share the thoughts and vpechatleniya.

Whether everything to you is clearIf participants cannot come straight off to a consent, youmost it is necessary to share the reasons or at to call to the aid group.

It is thus important, that all this the deputy chaniye would be apprehended as incentive, instead of as decree niya.

It is sometimes important to postpone starting slipping discussion about whichnibud to one trait of character and to pass to work with drugi cards.

If the participant applying for a card already explained thethe choice also has no competitors, it can take it to itselfhimself.

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He learns

He learnsand.

No, on the contrary.

It can develop in the child constant doubt.

He will consider all the time that, a cart it is possible, it is not right.

You want to achieve it Discussions and introspectionin groupm It that should be.

Because togas yes the person will aspire to learn more and more deep things.

He learns that in the nature there is nothing absolute, everything changes.


Ulyanov Instead of whether will cause it in the child desire a pose to play in front of the chamber After all he knows that it sniwash, and can play the fool intentionally.

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