It is possible

It is possible OPTION The adult together with the child finds the same subjects mebewhether in the apartment.

It is possible to complicate a little a task, in a trace yushchy time having compared these subjects of the size or color; to ask, than it is similar and than the toy and real furniture differs.

It is possible to accompany an explanation illustrations to the Russian national fairy tale Three bears chairs different in size, bed etc Occupation COMBINE the PICTURE For this occupation it is required a little colourful, bright pictures with clear to the child the image of acquaintances a stomach ny or toys no more than four, cut on two for the first occupations or on four parts complication, and sootvetstvenno uncut, whole samples.

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But noise

But noise At each generation its option is born.

But noise pollution of a technogenic era with its constant roar and a roar, from where it rushed from transistors, the TV, the loudspeaker or stereocolumns, generated generation of people, ears and which souls are deaf to a numichesky melody of their own breath, a frog kvakanye in twilight, to a bird's twitter at dawn, to laughter of a beloved and a wind rustle.

The teenager is especially subject to hyper stimulation by sounds and movement he constantly lives on the verge of nervous and emotional breakdown, and it does it very vulnerable.

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Sufficiency, besides, is defined

Sufficiency, besides, is defined And certainly, the surrounding space should adequately and is rather frequent change, but is not too sharp and not too frequent.

Sufficiency, besides, is defined by nature of experience of our ancestors in the childhood.

For example, in the village more than enough wonders suitable the creeping child, dangers and meetings.

During the first sorties it tries everything that to it will get.

It checks the force and dexterity, and also everything that meets to it on a way, and makes idea of time, a place, a form.

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Why helps Children

Why helps Children When my Anechka starts to be capricious, I as though do not pay to it attention.

Simply at once I try to distract it something.

Yesterday she woke up and let's cry.

I speak to it Oh, look.

you hear, dozhdinka kapkap!.

Then took on hands, approached with it to a window, and we together began to look, how on glass droplets run, and to listen.

She right there forgot about tears.

Why helps Children possess one amazing property.

They are able to plunge completely at the moment.

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EXPERIMENTTone Also it is not necessary to quarrel too.


inflate balls.

EXPERIMENTTone of your house If your child often withoutvisible occasion stays inbad mood razdrazha, is angry, becomes agressivny, aches, the t complains of something also.


, it is quite probable that so itit is arranged under allfamily tone.

All good teachers of younger groups preit is red know it is necessary to start howling properly to oneZaryana and Nina Nekrasova.

What to do, if.

to the kid as this roar will be picked up right there by other kids.

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