M Yes. Let's look, whether

M Yes. Let's look, whether And now show me the love.


At least, as strongly.

m Yes.

Let's look, whether you can preto overcome itself.


And we do all this through group.

That is groupthe pas acts as the judge.

m Yes.

the Person should treat the that as to the greatest representative of the generation.

So you also should it tell Now I want, that you are time used to say with me, as with the greatest representative of the generations.

Tasks and role of the tutorin groupand.

I listen to you.

m And I tell it seriously! These are some kind of those – it is unimportant.

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If shyness

If shyness Even if your children are only a little timid, all of them can equally miss mass of possibilities in the life.

If shyness is brightly expressed, she can destroy simply to your child life.

Sara is only one example from many, illustrating as it is possible to make for timid people much.

It successfully passed interview and was transferred to our university.

And for the first time in life it got friends, began to smile and with confidence to look people in the face, to enjoy life and to aspire to achievement of the purposes.

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As soon as mother

As soon as mother To find implementers of this decision if it is accepted, rather simply, being guided by only common sense.

As soon as mother realizes that continuous carrying of the child in the first six will provide eight months his independence and will put the bases for its formation as the sociable, undemanding and useful person on that fifteen or twenty years that he will live with it even if it starts with the personal interests, it will not be inclined to evade from burden of his carrying when it works on the house or goes shopping.

I do not doubt at all that the vast majority of mothers really love the children and deprive of them experience, so important for their happiness only because they do not understand consequences of the actions.

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Try to discuss

Try to discuss It can be both outdoor games, and educational, for example such as Speak do not speak on command, The forbidden movement.

Edible inedible.

Encourage it in all cases and at once, without postponing for the future when he tried to restrain.

Try to give to the child short, accurate and concrete instructions.

Try to discuss in advance with the child of a rule of behavior in gy or other situation.

at More often provide to the child an option, thus he should explain, than its choice is caused.

Need to explain the reason of the acts will help the child to realize better them, so, to supervise the behavior.

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Playing with

Playing with Traveling on the village, the child made it several times per day.

With indifference of the animal who is grazing at an edge of steep, it sat down that the person, and even a back to a hole.

Playing with a stone, a stick or with fingers of hands and feet, it went for a drive on the ground in all directions, except a hole, and did not pay to it any attention.

The instinctive mechanism of selfpreservation acted smoothly and accurately on any distance from a hole.

Sometimes in general nobody watched the kid; sometimes it was in sight of playing children who also did not pay any attention to a hole, and he assumed responsibility for everything that with it can happen.

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