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A wet diaper

It waves feet.Strains a body.Sobs.Captured by despair, desire, a lifeless immovability, wet and uncomfortable, the child cries in the poor loneliness, is not forgotten yet in a lonely dream.Suddenly that for a miracle, it lifted! Desires and expectations of a small bein seemingly, started to find the satisfaction.A wet diaper cleaned.What simplification! Live, warm hands touched his skin.Lifted feet and wrapped up them a new dry, lifeless fabric.That's all.Passed only an instant, and it seems to it that was not at all and these warm hands, and a wet diaper.

And still

Feelings it from subconsciousness, there dominate the imagination and game.All these, so to speak, stupid occupations which we will offer you below, will help out also you, and the child.And still they will help you not to disappear, not to pretend to be to be truthful before each other, without concealing the negative, and frankly callin to release it, not to carry the negative with itself further.And still they will help you to learn to forgive itself for mistakes, the child for stupidity both harm, and noise a nost, and unwillingness you to understand.And the best that can turn out from this it squabbled, reconciled and engaged in common cause.

We see that

Teenagers want changesBut after all there were shelters as we are transferred by wise men not prisons, and the cities shelters in which the big was made work on correction of people.But it, really, were about blemny groups of people in which they worked, and then leave whether from them.We see that isolation from society is not ispravleniye as correction is possible only by means of Wednesday.and.And how to teach the teenager to liberate the anger any in any other manner Instructors do it in group framework, but, maybe, the psychologist is necessary to itm I would recommend more physical actions.

It is important, that

Without supervision forby itself I can easily appear in the power protivorechivy feelings, expectations and fears.Age of participants since years.Duration about minutes.InstructionCarry out the following task.Give to a class a task in your subject, which kazhthe dy should execute in writing.It is important, that you without having embraced about the purpose of this task, differently internal reaction on provethe deniye of exercise will be reflected in its results.Interruptwork of pupils in minutes.

What the kid here

This subject once and someone was considered, analyzed in parts.They too were displayed by the further analysis.Then parts incorporated to other parts owing to reflections, comparisons and associations.At last the subject was expressed in some verbal integrity.Here we also have concept apple, musical notation of a musical melody.What the kid here loses Sensitive reliability and figurativeness.That he can see and hear.And what gets Knowledge of invisible properties of the same subject.

Let's tell, to teach

On the contrary, we need to use correctly only their tendencies.Let's tell, to teach younger children analizi Interaction of the tutorwith teenagers, for what they can respect the senior children.And seniors should reflect on what scale of values they bear everythin whether it is worthy, and so on.and.Ulyanov There is such technique, when those who is leaders in group, appoint leaders, only for earlier define for them the direction.Let's tell, the instructor will hold a meeting with such children, and then there will be the general meeting with all.Thus those three four already received that attention which, in principle, also is necessary for them, and now they chuv that conduct all forward.

However parents

Independently to brush the hair, teeth, lace up boots everythin everything.As soon as you will notice that the child is ready to a certain independence and independence, give it opportunity to carry out all these simple procedures independently.To tide up the room.However parents always should remember that their standards, as a rule, times more standards of the child.For example, if you ask the eightyear child to be tidied up in a room, meaning that you call order, it can be equated to as though the adult person you asked to build the house.

And if, despite

And in a counterbalance to it is under sprouts which disturb, laugh.m Because everyone wants to prove to be.and.Truly.Every second throw out any focuses.And if, despite of everythin after all it is possible to me that that with them to discuss, I am simply grateful to them that they in general came.And I tell it absolutely seriously.Poeto I besides ask how to arrive – to tell them Let's carry out discussion how it is necessary.Or I follow their tastes, and if it will be possible to discuss onetwo in millet, it is already good.

Game description. The adult

It is necessary

To put it briefly, timid students in college fade into the background further away.It is necessary to pay attention to two main problems in connection with which they need the help of the psychiatrist during study in college.The first is connected with the intellectual life, the second with public.Failure in achievement of the internal ideal generates disappointment and decrease in selfimage among the majority of candidates for receiving the professional help.For a long time parents, relatives and teachers call such students students of a class A.Their selfimage is wrapped in expensive packing of a class of A.Na samom dele some students follow desires of too jealous parents and put before itself an unattainable level of perfection.

On the fifth

Thanks to ability to go and speak the child has a possibility in thousand cases to diversify the communications with the next space, subjects and the phenomena surrounding it in usual .In the acquired space the child constantly moves between subjects, moves them, takes, throws, considers, breaks etc.Thus learns infinite properties of subjects.On the fifth , at age of grace, in movements of the kid there are highquality changes.Till this time of its movement were clumsy, awkward, inept though the kid very much tried to reach the planned purpose.

The hypnotist

One of the classic items executed by hypnotists on a scene, is that to the person the words told by whisper in other end of a hall order to hear.The hypnotist replaces a usual range of hearing of the individual on, expanded.There is an illusion that it strengthens auditory acuity while actually it temporarily stops elimination of sounds in not used part of an acoustical range.That it is accepted to call supernatural or magic abilities, is frequent only the abilities excluded by nervous system on request of a continuum from a set of possibilities used by us.They can be developed the practice directed on shutdown of normal process of elimination.

The adult

Occupation The BEAR FELL ILL For this occupation any is required animated yokes rushka doll, bear, hare, etc., and also toy gradusnik, bandage, vial.The adult brings a bear or other toy to reben, greets it on behalf of a bear, shows, how a bear stamps legs, growls, suggesting the child to repeat these zvu and movements.Then the adult says that the bear complains at it the tummy and a head hurts.The bear poor fell ill, To many honey yesterday ate, To bear it is sick and awkward, Everything hurts stomach, head.

For this reason

Feeling that you are behind a board, becomes aggravated even more in this world full of possibilities, especially when students have dinner together or meet out of training events.Unlike school where children are on friendly terms at the same time with neighbors and schoolmates, in student's years everything happens on the contrary or all your friends study together with you, or you in general have no friends at institute.For this reason friendship which arises in college, usually strong and long.But timid students especially take very much to heart success or failure in attempt to make friends with someone at institute.


It, causing itself physical pain and inconveniences, tries to distract mind from permanent job, to reject prejudices and to return to the present.Usually this process of nedumaniye call meditation.Meditation is the main method of many spiritual schools which try to raise tranquillity level.Often in meditations use mantra repetition a certain word or the offer which forces out associative thinking a reason product.When the stream of thoughts is slowed down at all stops, the physical condition of the person changes and in some way reminds a condition of the baby.

I prepared

Our friendssometimes appreciate the same, as we, and sometimes are not present, so wewe can supplement and enrich each other.I prepared a number of cards.On them the various are writtenqualities and properties which we appreciate in ourselves and in others.I will put them on a floor.Look at cards and try think silentlyover what quality personally for you is most important in horoshy friend.Leave cards on a floor.About minutesNow sit down on the places and listen that will be necessaryto do is farther.Now we will start to distribute these cardsbetween participants.

While did not bring

In this regard it is possible to tell to children here what fairy tale.frogs walked together on the village and elk so that both fell in two different krynka with lump.The first, having despaired, refused fight and I die, choked and was lost; and the second fought against desperate force, floundered from all forces.while did not bring down the pads from oil also did not escape.It is possible to take two opposite positions in relation to a rose the pessimist is afflicted that at roses are thorns, and the optimist rejoices that over it is possible to touch a rose.Before the started bottle it is possible to exclaim Here bad luck, it half the empty!, or What happiness, it half the full!.

If is not present

Solve, you or not that your child at school beat want.If is not present directly declare to the teacher and the principal the decision, it is better in writing.Or, at least, at once stipulate conditions of possible punishment for example, not publicly, only after several remarks and only after an explanation of the reason of punishment.There is a set of alternatives to physical punishment.Among them lisheniyeprivilegiya, conversation alone, cool discussions of admissible standards of behavior on occupations, shared responsibility for discipline.However any problems of disciplinary character evaporate at the attentive relation of the teacher or parents.

Try to find

Do not speak to anybody, which lot extended.You solve, how will do priyataching dropped out to you on a lot to the schoolmate priglawhether its sieve to itself on a visit, offer the help, otpraVit the written message or put in a school desk whichnibud fruit etc.The gift should not be to rogy.Try to find out, how your ward reactson manifestation of your friendliness.Also think aboutvolume, than your ward it is possible most of all on to please.In three weeks we again will gather, thatto sum up the first round.Then everyone learns, whoworried about its wellbein and we can againto cast lots, to start the second round.

These early

At it the feeling of necessity of the life, feeling should develop that for it there is the place in the general order of things on for the rest of the life.These early acquisitions define ability of the boy to love and be darlin to build the relations with other people, to submit to requirements on work and service.The need for parents during this period is huge, and if we concentrate the attention to that, this piece of life is how difficult, it can seem to the intolerable.Mothers and fathers surely should find time in the daily routine to take the child on hands.It can mean that one parent surely stays at home, when another leaves for work that one or both parents take the child with themselves for work that parents work at home, in shifts, incomplete day and so on.


From our indignation anddisappointments it is useful to formulate the inquiries and trebovaniye to show them and to defend.I prepared for you the Working leaf, which you nowshould fill.You on it have minutes.Now be divided into groups of four people.Proinform each other about your records.Concentrate preimushchestvenno at the last stage of a task, namely on that,as you will represent the requirements and to defend them.Discuss advantages and shortcomings of various ways vedeniye of negotiations, in view of a position protivothe polozhny party in negotiations.What interests of this hundred Rhone In what its vulnerability consists What it has a fieldfor maneuver during negotiations Think also thatyou can offer it in exchange if it meetsto your requirements.

Physical activity

Others this insatiable energy pushes in itself, boys plunge into a depression, are discharged of life storming round them.Physical activity is necessary for all boys of this age.And parents are simply obliged, though it and is hard, to help the son to find such type of activity which would suit it in the best way, instead of to exhaust on sports trainings which, probably, are opposite to its nature.The quiet boy, inclined to retire into himselfherself under the influence of the superfluous energy, can throw into a shiver from one thought on command sports, such as rugby or basketball, but swimming or fight can just appear what thirsted by its nature.

For unripe

In soul of each boy ability to development of natural inclinations and to their ripening in the fruits benefiting people is put.As psychotherapist Edith Shutts writes You want to help to grow to people to big boots so do not deny them in a today's appearance, and use it as the base.For unripe actions and words, without rejecting them, it is necessary to hear a positive spirit, to see good intentions.Bettie, the director of the narcological center about whom we spoke above, behind menacing manner of behavior and angry words of the brother of the patient made out the positive purpose of his visit.

It is thus

If to youit is not possible to come to a consensus, other membersgroups too can share the thoughts and vpechatleniya.Whether everything to you is clearIf participants cannot come straight off to a consent, youmost it is necessary to share the reasons or at to call to the aid group.It is thus important, that all this the deputy chaniye would be apprehended as incentive, instead of as decree niya.It is sometimes important to postpone starting slipping discussion about whichnibud to one trait of character and to pass to work with drugi cards.If the participant applying for a card already explained thethe choice also has no competitors, it can take it to itselfhimself.

He learns

and.No, on the contrary.It can develop in the child constant doubt.He will consider all the time that, a cart it is possible, it is not right.You want to achieve it Discussions and introspectionin groupm It that should be.Because togas yes the person will aspire to learn more and more deep things.He learns that in the nature there is nothing absolute, everything changes.and.Ulyanov Instead of whether will cause it in the child desire a pose to play in front of the chamber After all he knows that it sniwash, and can play the fool intentionally.

At each new possibility

Probably, it also could help, if she understood that the campus only the next scene, and it is a star of own show, and everything that it is necessary for it this new action.At each new possibility to start life with a clean slate to leave the shyness in the past, this young girl makes the same mistakes which only aggravate her shyness she refuses to live in a hostel if only to it will provide a separate room, and thus does not participate in which is an integral part of study.As well as many students whom we observed in student's cafeteria, it comes and goes straight to an empty little table, sits down at it and erects a barricade from textbooks, plates, clothes on a table and chairs round it.

Jane decided

Just on the eve of Jane's session saw Mike at a tray with hamburgers and asked it to go with it home.He refused, but asked money as was aground.It gave it fifty dollars in fear that it goes the hungry.Consultation helped Jane to understand that Mike uses her warm parent feeling against her.It is necessary for it, keeping the warm attachment to the son, to learn to keep it in a framework.Jane decided not to give it more money and not to look for it.When he called it and told that comes back home, she answered I am not ready yet to your return.I need still some time.

Actuallym Yes. In such

Soon all playground

and, here it.what beautiful tuchka.for some reason the pink.and, its sun so shines.The most amusing that any woman with the girl too stopped and began to consider.And one more boy, and still.Soon all playground admired heavens.By the way, the same mother told that they with the son were fond of astronomy.Even the fieldglass bought, now in the evenings go on stars to look.Harm nurseries also that with them to do Competition.Gathered a bath, everything prepared for bathin and Sascha as rested I do not want to bathe, I will not be! You will not be I speak well and it is not necessary, I will wash your Malvina.

Certainly, there

Even so they usually are almost completely limited to communication with children of the age.And tutors explain to children of a rule of various games only in words more often instead of showing it on the example to which children with pleasure would follow.Certainly, there are rest parks where mothers and children can meet and where there are no barriers to communication of people of different age groups.But even there in the absence of visible obstacles there will be difficulties of communication both for mother, and for the kid, resulting of features of education of mother, her ideas of life and education of children, fear to be allocated from the general crowd, after all the continuum forces us to be arranged under the customs got in society.

It is possible

OPTION The adult together with the child finds the same subjects mebewhether in the apartment.It is possible to complicate a little a task, in a trace yushchy time having compared these subjects of the size or color; to ask, than it is similar and than the toy and real furniture differs.It is possible to accompany an explanation illustrations to the Russian national fairy tale Three bears chairs different in size, bed etc Occupation COMBINE the PICTURE For this occupation it is required a little colourful, bright pictures with clear to the child the image of acquaintances a stomach ny or toys no more than four, cut on two for the first occupations or on four parts complication, and sootvetstvenno uncut, whole samples.

But noise

At each generation its option is born.But noise pollution of a technogenic era with its constant roar and a roar, from where it rushed from transistors, the TV, the loudspeaker or stereocolumns, generated generation of people, ears and which souls are deaf to a numichesky melody of their own breath, a frog kvakanye in twilight, to a bird's twitter at dawn, to laughter of a beloved and a wind rustle.The teenager is especially subject to hyper stimulation by sounds and movement he constantly lives on the verge of nervous and emotional breakdown, and it does it very vulnerable.

Sufficiency, besides, is defined

And certainly, the surrounding space should adequately and is rather frequent change, but is not too sharp and not too frequent.Sufficiency, besides, is defined by nature of experience of our ancestors in the childhood.For example, in the village more than enough wonders suitable the creeping child, dangers and meetings.During the first sorties it tries everything that to it will get.It checks the force and dexterity, and also everything that meets to it on a way, and makes idea of time, a place, a form.

Why helps Children

When my Anechka starts to be capricious, I as though do not pay to it attention.Simply at once I try to distract it something.Yesterday she woke up and let's cry.I speak to it Oh, look.you hear, dozhdinka kapkap!.Then took on hands, approached with it to a window, and we together began to look, how on glass droplets run, and to listen.She right there forgot about tears.Why helps Children possess one amazing property.They are able to plunge completely at the moment.


Also it is not necessary to quarrel too.Simply.inflate balls.EXPERIMENTTone of your house If your child often withoutvisible occasion stays inbad mood razdrazha, is angry, becomes agressivny, aches, the t complains of something also.etc., it is quite probable that so itit is arranged under allfamily tone.All good teachers of younger groups preit is red know it is necessary to start howling properly to oneZaryana and Nina Nekrasova.What to do, if.to the kid as this roar will be picked up right there by other kids.

M Yes. Let's look, whether

If shyness

Even if your children are only a little timid, all of them can equally miss mass of possibilities in the life.If shyness is brightly expressed, she can destroy simply to your child life.Sara is only one example from many, illustrating as it is possible to make for timid people much.It successfully passed interview and was transferred to our university.And for the first time in life it got friends, began to smile and with confidence to look people in the face, to enjoy life and to aspire to achievement of the purposes.

As soon as mother

To find implementers of this decision if it is accepted, rather simply, being guided by only common sense.As soon as mother realizes that continuous carrying of the child in the first six will provide eight months his independence and will put the bases for its formation as the sociable, undemanding and useful person on that fifteen or twenty years that he will live with it even if it starts with the personal interests, it will not be inclined to evade from burden of his carrying when it works on the house or goes shopping.I do not doubt at all that the vast majority of mothers really love the children and deprive of them experience, so important for their happiness only because they do not understand consequences of the actions.

Try to discuss

It can be both outdoor games, and educational, for example such as Speak do not speak on command, The forbidden movement.Edible inedible.Encourage it in all cases and at once, without postponing for the future when he tried to restrain.Try to give to the child short, accurate and concrete instructions.Try to discuss in advance with the child of a rule of behavior in gy or other situation.at More often provide to the child an option, thus he should explain, than its choice is caused.Need to explain the reason of the acts will help the child to realize better them, so, to supervise the behavior.

Playing with

Traveling on the village, the child made it several times per day.With indifference of the animal who is grazing at an edge of steep, it sat down that the person, and even a back to a hole.Playing with a stone, a stick or with fingers of hands and feet, it went for a drive on the ground in all directions, except a hole, and did not pay to it any attention.The instinctive mechanism of selfpreservation acted smoothly and accurately on any distance from a hole.Sometimes in general nobody watched the kid; sometimes it was in sight of playing children who also did not pay any attention to a hole, and he assumed responsibility for everything that with it can happen.


Therefore it is necessary to rely on our knack to choose that is really necessary for us.And then the slow mind by means of which we now try to do it, can be engaged in performance of tasks, more for it suitable.Expectations with which we come to this world, are inseparably linked with the lines of development put in us for example, such, as a sosaniye, selfpreservation, imitation.As soon as we receive a push in the form of the address expected by us or certain circumstances expected by us, we start to develop in the set direction as we for that and were prepared by experience of ancestors.When the expected is absent, at the person the behavior satisfying these requirements, but distorted, not starts to be formed by image inherent in its nature.

You see the bottom

It consists of what parts Draw a piramidka.And now we will make piramidka of words.Before you the words consisting of one, two and three syllables.WOOD, DOLL, TABLE, CUBES, CAR,ONIONS, FORK, MILK, SHOVEL, HOUSE,MOTHER, WINDOW, BOOK, BU SPHERE, WORD,CABBAGE, GIANT, MASK, CHESS.And here seven piramidok.Let's consider at first the first of them.You see the bottom ring the biggest, the second is less, and top the smallest.In the bottom ring we will enter a word consisting of three syllables, in an average from two syllables, in top from one syllable.Be attentive in each section of the bottom and average ring the whole syllable, instead of simply letter should be located.


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